Fall or Halloween ideas for the family!!!


Different Fall Ideas for the family!

What are your different ideas for Halloween? How about trick or treating with the kids? You can find anything from ghosts to a beautiful princess! The kids love to scare for the candy, trick or treat!

For everyone else who does not do that, what about a fall party for the kids? You can decorate with fall festive colors like leaves on the tables and cinnomin sticks but make them into scarcrows. You could do that by using marshmallows and dried grass or hay. You can also let the kids carve pumpkins and maybe have a contest with a winner! Kids love friendly competition and would love a prize for the best three! You could also do a scavenger hunt with the candy and let the kids find it! They would feel proud of themselves because they found it!

What about bobbing for apples? You could have every child take a turn and have them just use their mouth no hands! Try blind folding them depending on their age. The kids would love to see their friends try to pull it off.

You could also have food with the fall theme or Halloween theme. Some ideas could be cookies that you frost and put a pumpkin or a tree with the leaves different colors! You could make fruit punch but call it witchs brew then decorate the spoon as a broom. You could make chocolate pudding and put it in cups then let the kids put gummy worms and crushed oreos in it. You could call it mud in cup with worms.

How about mac and cheese with food coloring like red or green? Kids love colors and would go crazy for your scary mac and cheese!

If a party isn’t for you, what about something more low key like having the kids or your family sitting around telling a scary story or a silly story? The kids would love the different stories and they would love to tell a story and see how everyone reacts!

You could also take them to a corn maze. Kids would really like to explore and try to find their way out of the maze. You can help them navigate and have alot of fun being with them!

Lastly, what about a race, a three legged race or a potato sack race! You could have different teams depending on how many people you had and then name a winner! Kids love spending time with their family so if trick or treating is not for you then a party would do ! A race would be so much fun or telling stories that are scary or silly, it does not matter as long as they are doing it with you!