Enjoying Halloween with Allergies



Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday. The costumes, the decorations, the fall colors, the parties, and the treats. But it can be a dangerous holiday for little ones with allergies. Be a determined Allergy Mom! Decide you will not let your child with allergies feel left out or unable to participate because of their allergies. With a little planning and creativeness, their Halloween experience will be as exciting and memorable as any other child... (And maybe even more fun!)

Here are some tips and ideas for safety and fun for a child with allergies during Halloween.

~ Have a party at your house. 
If you can, have a group of your friends or other children with severe allergies over for a "allergy safe" party with treats and games that they can freely enjoy without any worry.

~ Bring a Treat (food) or small Toy to give to them at each door you knock on. 
Bring a full bag of small, safe food treats or toys to give them instead of accepting candy at your neighbors doors. This allows them to walk with the other children and show off their costume to the neighbors. You have no worry of having to take away any un-approved items from them.

~ Set up a shop at home to allow your child to "Buy" Treats and Toys from you with their unapproved candy.
After collecting candy door-to-door, have a little shop with toys and treats that your child can purchase in exchange for the unapproved candy. This is a fun activity because your child will feel included while trick-or-treating, but special because she can still enjoy exciting treats like everyone else.

The best thing you can do for your child with allergies this Halloween is to make them feel included. They are not freak shows because of their allergies or too fragile to be excluded from fun. In fact, make this Halloween an opportunity to celebrate your child and the unique and creative little princess, pirate, superhero, or ghost that they are!

What do you do to make sure Halloween is special for your child with allergies?