Empire Dentistry Review



I had the opportunity to do a review for Empire Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA. I went to see Dr. Kaveh M. Kanani, in Woodland Hills, CA for the first time.  I typically see a different dentist that is a little farther away so I thought I would try this dentist since it was closer to my house.  I really loved the area! It was across the street from a great shopping center and right off the 101 freeway in Los Angeles.

The office was very accessible and convenient.  As soon as I walked in I was greeted kindly by the receptionist and everyone was very friendly. I also thought the office was very neat and tidy which is exactly what you are looking for in choosing a dentist.

After I had my x-rays done, the dentist informed me that based on my x-rays and the condition of my teeth I would benefit more from a deep teeth clean as opposed to the regular cleaning. The deep cleaning would take place over two appointments (one for each side) and I would need to have half of my mouth numbed each time.  I was not prepared to have my mouth numb that day since I had other plans so I decided not to get the cleaning that day.  I will have to schedule a time to get a deep clean when I am more prepared.

I was very impressed with how kind they were at Dr. Kananiʼs office.   My hope is that you have a great experience when you try Empire Dentist as well!

Right now Empire Dentistry is offering a special in Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia for Only $39  - Reg $290

- Discussion on your dental health condition
- Oral hygiene health examination
- Review of any medications you're taking

- Teeth Cleaning
- Identify gum inflammation or bone loss
- Review of proper oral care

- Teeth, mouth and jaw
- Identify decay between the teeth
- Reveal any bone loss

*Cleaning is not valid for patients with periodontal disease.