Easy TB Blood Test!


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As a mom, I make sure my kids are healthy and get their checkups. I want to get tests that are accurate and with fast results.  We are all so busy, so who wants to spend the time and money for multiple doctors’ visits? The TB Blood Test is one way I can save time and ensure my family’s health.

If you are not sure what Tuberculosis is, please visit the TB Blood Test Microsite for more information.   Many schools require parent volunteers to have a TB test before they can come into the classroom. Parents that are fostering or adopting can also be asked to have a TB test done.

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The TB skin tests have been around for 110 years and take at least two visits to the doctor.  They can easily give false positive results. If that happens, you have to be tested again. The skin test is open to visual interpretation, and TB can be incorrectly diagnosed. This is scary, and you have to go through tests again to rule out a case of TB.

The TB Blood test is more advanced and gives and objective and reliable result. This blood test is the most accurate way of ruling out TB infection. The TB Blood test takes only one visit, too!

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The TB Blood test will not give you a false result, like the skin test. The skin test is prone to give a cross reaction from a previous TB vaccination, but the blood test eliminates this problem.

The TB Blood test only requires 3ml of blood (just over half a teaspoon), so it is a quick and easy draw for patients of any age, including children. Consider the TB Blood test if you need to get the test done for you or your family.