Do I really need a Shopping List?


Do You Really Need A Shopping List

Do I really need a Shopping List?

How often do you go food shopping without a prepared list for items you need? If you say anything other than “never”, than you are spending much more money than you need to. Your eyes and your wallet speak two separate languages. Your eyes speak to your stomach and your wallet speaks to your budget. Almost never do they speak to each other. This is why it is so important to always make a list before you step foot in the door of the grocery store. The following are some pro’s and con’s for list making:

*You know what you are buying before you buy it.

*You can budget based on what you need.

*You can check your cabinets and refrigerator to make sure you don’t already have something on your list.

*You can make a menu out for the week and only buy what is needed.

*You can cost compare store for items you need based on the circulars and store websites in order to save the most money.

*You can find coupons either online, in the weekly papers, or in the store circulars.


*Time – maybe 30 minutes the first time to get used to doing it. (but it will be shorter each time after that)

So let’s weigh the pro’s vs. con’s. You can spend a little extra time preparing to save a lot of money or spend a lot of money to save a little time. I don’t know about you, but I think the time is well worth the savings!