DIY - Three Step Primitive Painting Finish


DIY 3 Step Primitive Painting

Guest Post by Sarah from Joy Filled Days

Today I want to show you a quick way to spruce up an old piece of furniture.

I had this yucky end table that needed an update. I wanted the end product to have a farmhouse primitive finish.

Here is the piece that I am starting with. Yuck.

I spray painted it black and let it dry.

Then I sanded the edges, corners and knobs down to the bare wood.

Then I wiped the whole piece with any dark Minwax stain. (Jacobean is the color I used.)


It gives it an instant aged look and takes less than an hour!

You can use this technique with any color paint. I used spray paint because I am just that lazy. You can use any latex paint. Not oil based.

Here's a video tutorial: JOY FILLED DAYS