Cut Your Grocery Bill Without Using Coupons


I understand that not everyone is a Coupon Clipping Maniac! Although coupons are a great way to save money, they are not the only way. The key is to shop smarter. Be aware of the stores in your area. Who has the lowest prices? Don't be loyal to a store that never has great deals. It is worth it to drive to another store once a month to pick up the best prices on items you use. Here are some great ways to save without using coupons.

1. Shop Manager markdowns

-Meat (be sure to cook that day or freeze)
-Produce (eat right away or check to see if it can be frozen)
-Bread (can be frozen)
-Damaged Cans

2. Find an Farmers Market or Wholesale Produce Market

There are year-round Famers Markets as well as wholesale Produce Markets. Look them up in your area. You could potentially save up to 50% or more on your produce! Not to mention much more fresh!

3. Stock Up on Good Deals

Every week grocery stores  have at least one item that is marked down to a super-low price to draw in customers. Use the weekly draw in special as a time to stock up. The regular cycles is approximately 6 week rotation of markdowns and sales.

4. Buy in Bulk

While I do NOT promote buying what you cannot use, do take advantage of bulk products that can be properly stored for several months. Bring home the family portion of meat and re-package and freeze in portions that you will need for your family. Buy large bags of cereal and pour into plastic containers. Purchase cases of your favorite foods and snacks and pay less per pound.

5. Find a Whole Sale Meat Market or Sign Up for an online meat distributor.

Buy your meat directly from the warehouse. Cut out one more middleman by picking up your meat by the box. There are several online companies that offer bulk meat purchases delivered to your area. You might have to do a little work of portion packaging, but it can save you big! If you don't have a large freezer to store the meat, consider splitting the cost with a friend or two and have a meat packaging party.