Cleaning out the Toxins

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Seventh Generation. I received a promotional item and product samples as a thank you for participating” #MC

When I discovered my daughter had severe allergies, it sent me on a path of learning about every little thing in my home and what I was exposing myself and my family to on a daily basis. Obviously, my first research and education focused on the food we were eating. It has been a truly amazing experience to discover and become educated about the food we take for granted so often.

After learning about food and what was safe and unsafe for my daughter and even my family, I started to venture into other areas in our home. Shockingly, I discovered some startling facts about chemicals in our home. Did you know that there are over 80,000 chemicals available in the US that have never been fully tested for their toxic effects on our health and environment? There have been studies conducted where scientist have linked exposure to toxic chemicals to many health risks, such as Cancer, Alzheimer's, learning disabilities, asthma, birth defects and various reproductive problems. The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was passed in 1976, and unlike other major environmental laws, has never been updated. That means, since the 1970's harmful chemicals have been allowed without proper testing and disclosure by the companies producing these products. Learning these facts have just blown my mind! I am certainly appalled by the information I have been learning. If you would like to read these facts for yourself and learn more check out Natural Resources Defense Council Website

After being informed of these toxic chemicals we are exposed to every day, I am determined to do something! Our children should not be exposed to toxic chemicals that have not been tested. We need to join together and let congress know that we want them to do something about this!


I am teaming up with Seventh Generation and joining the TOXIN FREEDOM FIGHTERS! Toxin Freedom Fighters stand up for safer chemicals. Seventh Generation is working hard to team up with moms & dads, grandparents, aunts & uncles, and everyone who believes in keeping our children, ourselves, and our earth safe! #FightToxins


You can join this movement with me by signing the petition.

If Seventh Generation collects 100,000 signatures on this petition, The Toxin Freedom Fighters will deliver them to Congress on April 30, 2014. The signatures will strengthen the movement behind the chemical reform and will encourage decision-makers to change the necessary laws.

TFF_100 percent dish1

Until Congress gets its act together and makes changes to these laws, I am going to do my part to protect my family and spread the word. I am working hard at keep our home toxin free. Using Seventh Generation products and natural cleaning ingredients such as Baking Soda and Vinegar, I feel good that I am lowering the amount of unsafe chemicals my children are coming into contact with. When I ask my kids to help with the chores, I don't have to feel guilty about the exposure from cleaning products they will be around. We can clean as a family and keep each other safe.

I hope you will sign the petition and join Seventh Generation and I as we #FightToxins.