Celebrate Father's Day with Aveeno Baby!


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My name is Jared Coppola, and my daily routine involves entertaining my kids (Matteo 6 ½ and Gemma 3 ½ ) who are both early risers (5:30 am) while I get ready for work.  For now my wife and kids drive me into work by 7 am so we get some bonding time in the car listening to music and dancing.  When I get home, Matteo and Gemma greet me at the door and depending on the day, we either work out together on my home exercise equipment or snuggle up to read a book or watch one of their favorite shows.

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One of our favorite summer time activities is to dig in the dirt looking for bugs and worms (Gemma loves this more than Matteo).  It doesn’t take long before the kids are covered head to toe in dirt and desperately need a bath.

Bath time is when the action really happens in our house.  My wife and I never know if the kids will want to take a bath or not and when they don’t they really don’t.  Once I get them in the tub one of their favorite things to do is see how wet they can get daddy using squirt guns or anything near them that will hold water. As I am sure many of you with kids can attest too more water ends up outside the tub than inside.  When it is finally time to get clean there is nothing better on the market than Aveeno Baby products. I love the body of Aveeno’s baby wash and shampoo with Oat extract in that it really feels like you are cleaning your kid with something that is both natural and effective rather than covering them with over-scented “fun color” gels that suds up but doesn’t seem to work.  My favorite part of Aveeno’s products is their incredibly fresh clean smell.  It smells so good my daughter, Gemma, likes to walk around the house asking people to smell her hair.


After bath time snuggling is one of my favorite times of the day.  There is nothing better than snuggling with my two very clean and good smelling little tikes thanks to Aveeno and their incredible lines of products.