Another Way to use Bum Cream!!!


So, I have been really sick since Sunday Night with this nasty cold. (Thank you Gemma for passing along your little germs!) I have been practically on the couch all week. My nose was constantly running, and I just didn't want to move!! If you have ever been sick, you know what I mean. The more I blow my nose the worse my nose felt. I guess I blew it so much that it was getting really raw and really sore.

So last night I decided to take action. I had no vaseline on hand, but I knew what I did have. Ya, You guess it! BUM CREAM to the rescue!! I decided to put it on my nose and give it a try. No one would know right! Haha!! Well, it really worked. My nose felt so much better this morning. Let's just say I will not be going out in public for a few more hours.

*Be sure to Use a Diaper Rash Ointment that contains Zinc Oxide in it to help it heal.

I personally Love Pedi-Derm Bum Paste!

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