Rachel Lee Coppola is a wife, mom (to two awesome kids), SoCal girl replanted in Boston, and is passionate about helping everyone she meets find freedom in being debt free and living life to the fullest.

Rachel is a Frugal Living Expert and Top National Professional Blogger. She enjoys Public Speaking, is a recognized Author, and an Allergy Advocate (her daughter has over 25 different allergies). She also works as a Media Consultant helping businesses use Social Media to their fullest advantage.

In 2011, Rachel started Saving and More to share the valuable resources, lessons, and information she has learned. Saving money is a great way to enhance your life, but it doesn’t stop there. Join Rachel as she continues to discover and share how to live a fabulous, debt-free life.

Contact Rachel at savingandmore@gmail (dot) com

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Rick Rotter is an accomplished writer and blogger.  His eye for detail really makes his stories come to life.  Rick joined our team in 2013 and is currently one of our go to writers for anything recipe related!

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Jared Coppola is the husband of Rachel Coppola and also an amazing blogger.  He has been a wonderful supporter of his wife's blog and also helps to write reviews.


Leah Smith joined our team in 2015.  She is a wife and mother of one amazing little boy and one little baby girl (in the oven).  Her baby girl will be joining us sometime at the end of June or early July.  When Leah is not writing articles of Saving and More, she is working very hard on her other hobby - Amazon.  She is a very dedicated and hard-working momma.

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