A Shade Of Vampire Book Review!



I thoroughly enjoyed reading A Shade Of Vampire by Bella Forrest.  It seriously was one of the best short stories that I have read in such a long time.  I can honestly say that I am not the best reader.  I don't normally enjoy sitting and reading, but this was totally an exception.   The book was fairly short so it was right up my alley.  I tend to have a short attention span so it was absolutely perfect.

The story began with Sofia being kidnapped on her 17th Birthday. Her entire life was completely changed. She was forced to become a human slave for the Vampire leader, Derek. Because of Sofia's intense inward and outward beauty, Derek became mesmerized by her and their relationship changed.

The story line was awesome.  I really loved how the character Sofia and Derek related to each other.  I also loved how each chapter was told from a different characters point of view.

All I can say about  A Shade Of Vampire is that I CAN"T wait for A Shade Of Vampire 2: A Shade Of Blood!!!

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