9 Ways Severe Allergies Made My Life Better


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A few weeks ago, I wrote the article 10 Things Mothers of Children with Allergies Wish You Knew. Thousands of you read the article, and I received so much positive feed back. Many moms were so thankful to hear their fears and concerns put into words.

As a follow up article, here is a list of ways that Severe Allergies actually made my life better. It is easy to see all the fear and anxiety, and frustration of allergies. And while all of those emotions are legit and totally there, there are some pretty amazing blessings that come along.

**These answers are from real mothers of children with severe allergies. They are a pretty fabulous group of women.**

1. We eat healthier.
Food allergies forced us to really look at everything we put in our mouths. "I love seeing my child get excited about simple foods such as fruit and veggies." The fewer ingredients, the better! (Some of us even lost weight while helping our families adjust to a new diet.)

2. We became educated.
I can "Read a food label like it's my job!" Every single ingredient is so important. A very tiny amount of "bad food" can send our children to the hospital. Hours and hours of self education has made us very educated on what goes into producing food as well as the details of the allergies our children have.

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3. Improved my cooking abilities
When you are limited to what you CAN eat, it can be a little boring. Severe food allergies "Challenged me to attempt new recipes, get creative and experiment." Some allergy moms become quite skilled in the kitchen and much to their babies delights, make some wonderful safe, and nutritious food.

4. A Stronger relationship with God.
When we were searching for answers to what was making our children so sick, our lives were spinning. Having a God that you can rely on and KNOW has the answers is so comforting.

5. A strong feeling of empathy for those I meet struggling to find medical answers.
We have learned to sympathize with others around us. I find myself less likely to judge someone who to most people seem like a "hypochondriac."

6. A thankful spirit for even the smallest treats.
Our children do not take any treats for granted. They appreciate even the smallest treats and special things made just for them.

7. Friends going through the same trials and situations.
We have made so many friends through our journey. We have held each other up, cried together, encouraged one another, and picked each others brains for unique ideas and information. These friendships are going to be lifelong, both for mothers and children.

8. Found my "voice" and the confidence to stand up for myself and my family.
When it is the life or health of your child on the line, you can't remain silent. My child's allergies taught me that it is okay to stand up for the health of my child as well as for what I believe in. There will always be the skeptic and the know-it-all, but that no longer keeps me silent. Allergies have given me confidence in my voice.

9. Profound appreciation for healthy children. 
Having seen my child suffer and fight for their health, I am extremely thankful to be able to see my child thriving in life. There may be many obstacles and trials in the past and most likely in the future, but I am thinking of today and cannot take for granted a healthy child.

What ways has allergies made your life better?

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