7 Tips to Make Your Food Sensitive Child's Lunch Fun!!


7 tips to make your food sensitive child

Back to school time means that you need to start thinking about packing lunches. If you have a child with allergies, you need to be more careful about what goes in her lunch box. You still want to provide a lunch that is fun and safe for the diet, but does that mean it needs to be bland and boring? No way! Take a look below at 7 tips for making your food sensitive child’s lunch fun. You can still pack them a meal they will enjoy while still keeping their dietary needs in mind.

7 Tips to Make Your Food Sensitive Child's Lunch Fun:

1. Make veggies fun!

Pack some healthy veggies that your child can eat along with some fun and simple dips. Try a home made vinaigrette made of apple cider vinegar and some olive oil, or let them try some dairy free ranch. Kids will love dipping their healthy snacks!

2. Give fruit a dip.

Try cutting up some apple or pear slices (whatever sweet fruit is safe for your child) and give some soy or rice yogurt to dip. They will love this sweet treat that is safe to eat.

3. Give sunflower butter a try.

Sunflower butter is great on fruit, celery, crackers, and breads. Find some white rice loaf and pack plenty of sunflower butter for spreading. You can even sprinkle with sunflower seeds if permissible.

4. Play with shapes.

Whether you are packing bread, cheeses, or meats, pack cookie cutters so kids can have a little fun making shapes out of their food before eating.

5. Try some simple soups.

Make your own allergy friendly soups and stews at home and invest in a good thermos. A piping hot soup for lunch will fill your child up for sure.

6. Start spreading the news!

Try fun spreads such as dairy-free cream cheese on allergy safe bread or crackers. It is sweet yet savory and your child is sure to enjoy being able to create their own treats.

7. Make some simple sandwiches.

You don’t always need meat and cheese sandwiches. Instead try making some apple butter sandwiches, or fruit slices and swiss sandwiches. Get creative!

Don’t forget to add colorful napkins, a fun and encouraging note, and maybe a fun pencil or sticker to your child’s lunch so they know they are loved. Little perks like these can really make lunch special, even when they are on a special diet!