"5 Steps to Packing Light"


"5 Steps to Packing Light"

Overpacked cars, lost luggage, items that are packed but never used. Sound familiar?

As travelers, we tend to pack anything and everything that we "may" need when going on a trip. Sometimes if you are traveling overseas or for a long period time, those items can become a necessity. But when you are going away for a long weekend, or even for a week getaway, there are ways to travel light and avoid the overpacked cars, luggage fee's and so on.

Here are 5 simple steps to help you pack what you need and not what you think you will need:

Step 1: Make a list. Sounds to simple right? Well it is. Start with the necessities. Grooming items, undergarments, medicines, eye glasses, ect. Then make a list of clothing items you will need. But remember, if you are on a 7 day trip, you most likely will not need 7 outfits. For example, you are traveling 2 of the 7 days so you would want to be comfortable, and the remaining 5 days you can reuse some items such as pants or shorts. So be mindful of that so you don't overpack items you will not wear.

Step 2: Gather your items and lay them out before you put them in the suitcase. This way you can see what you have prior to packing. Its a way of double checking you have what you need.

Step 3: Clothing items always fit better in a suitcase if you roll them. You will be able to fit more and you can reduce wrinkles this way. I always use clear plastic bags for my grooming stuff and I group them as like items. Example: Toothbrush and tooth paste will be in one bag. Hair brush and accessories in another. Medicines are always in a different one by themselves. So pack you clothing first and lay your shoes and other items on top and in the suitcase pockets.

Step 4: If you are traveling by plane, make sure you adhere to the rules of the airport, which includes the weight of your luggage. No sense paying an overage fee if you bag weighs to much. Always check before leaving your house.

Step 5: Double check you list and make sure you remembered everything. You may even want to check out the weather forecast where you are headed to you can make sure the clothing you packed is appropriate. And if you did happen to forget something, you can always pick it up on your way.