3 Ways To Cut Your Monthly Bills


Cut your monthly bills

We all want to cut our monthly bills down. Hopefully you have already cut out unnecessary spending in your life and set up a budget. But what about those bills that come every month for things you just can't do without? Like heat, electricity, water, internet, phone, TV, Etc...? Those bills are going to keep coming. Here are some tips to potentially lowering those monthly bills.

1. Look For Hidden Charges
Every few months review your bills in detail. Go over every section of your bills. You will be surprised at the "hidden" charges that can be thrown in. There have been times I have caught incorrect billing or billing for services I did not request or was not receiving. Some of the large companies that supply your heat, water, phone, etc... have a reputation for incorrect billing. It is up to you to catch those charges and get a refund.

2. Cancel Unused or Un-needed Services
If you are not using a service or you can live without it, then get cancel it! Maybe you don't need all the channels you are paying for? What about your land line? Do you really need a land line and a cell phone? Make sure every monthly service bill you are paying for is exactly what you need. And if you don't use a service very much get rid of it!

3. Negotiate Better Prices or Packages
Don't be loyal to a company that is not doing anything for you! I am surprised at how many people refuse to switch companies even when they are paying almost double for the same service they could receive elsewhere. Phone and Cable services are especially negotiable. Call a few different companies and ask what they can offer you. Call your current provider and ask for a promotional price or if they can match the offers other companies are giving you. Don't forget to check with your heat & electric company to see if they have any programs you can enroll in to save money or lower monthly costs.

These are not secret tips by any means. But they are a good reminder to be continually monitoring your bills. Following these steps several times a year could potential save you quite a bit of money! It is worth your time to look at your bill statements in detail and make a few phone calls.

What do you do to save on your monthly bills?