2014 Mitsubishi Outlander


We recently were able to test drive the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander for a week. It was during spring break. We had a huge trip to New York planned, but my nephew became really ill and was unable to make the flight.  We had to reschedule our trip.   Even though our trip was canceled, we were able to use the Outlander to do little day trips!

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My husband, Jared, drove it the most. He really loved taking the Outlander to work and enjoyed the smooth ride every morning and afternoon. Plus, it got great gas mileage, 25 MPG in the city and 31 on the Highway.

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The Outlander is extremely roomy! It is kind of surprising how much room you find in this car. Really, really roomy. Which is very nice.

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The Outlander has adaptive cruise control where the car actually detects the vehicles in front of you and adjusts accordingly making the transition and driving seamless.

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The Outlander featured an amazing control system. Everything was in an excellent location. Stereo, AC, GPS, and more were all right where I could reach them and adjust as needed.

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The Outlander gave so many User options. Jared really loved exploring the cars features. There were so many options and available features to customize your driving experience.

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Love good cup holders! Nice place to have your coffee on your morning commute.

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The Outlander has a seven safety Airbag System including driver's knees airbag. I really appreciate all the safety features this vehicle has built in. It is very impressive and gives a lot peace of mind to this momma!

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Of course, the kiddos loved it! It was nice not having little feet sticking into the back of my seat. There was plenty of room for them.

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The Outlander seats seven. The back seats fold down to create a large space option for loading up for a fun day or massive amounts of groceries!

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There were just a few things that Jared didn't like about the car. The lane alert kept beeping and was a little annoying. There also was a delay in the hatch when it starts opening or closing.

Over all, we really loved the Outlander and would totally recommend it to anyone looking for a great car.

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