14 reasons to love being a Work at Home Mom (WAHM)


Guest Post

Lisa Carey is part of the husband and wife writing team of New Creative Writing.  Their articles on finance, travel, parenting, the environment and frugal living has been features on Yahoo Shine, Y!CNExaminer.com and their own site Money Saving Parent among many other business and blogging sites.


Being at home and earning money seems like the perfect job doesn't it? Well, for some moms it does, for others it doesn't. If you are thinking about starting a life as a WAHM, you'll want to consider the good and the bad, the advantages and the challenges. This is what I love about being a work at home mom.

I am available to the family. In sickness and in field day. It is so much easier caring for a sick child when you don't have to call in sick at work. It is also a lot more fun to being able to attend those special events at your child's school. No, I can't do it all the time, but quite frequently I can change my schedule. I also avoid the stress of waiting for repairman and service providers with demands on my work. I simply work until the minute they arrive and work after they leave.

Yes, sometimes I work in my pajamas. It's true. But trust me I also have to get up, get ready and become professional when the occasion calls for it. And, no husband wants to come home to a wife in her pj's.

I set my schedule, even if that means working late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

I do what I love, not everyone can say that about their job.

When I have an idea that could possibly make things better I can explore it. Of course, if I mess up, then I have the sole responsibility of fixing the mess too. But that's something I love, being responsible for my mistakes, but no one else's.

I don't have to call in sick or beg for vacation time. In the past I have had some employers who thought that vacation time was just something that you accumulate. One did so much work travel apparently she couldn't understand why I would want to actually use my vacation time as, well, a vacation.

I don't waste time sitting in my car commuting to work. I simply enter my office after the kids go to school. Of course I have a child at home still, so it's not as easy as it looks sometimes. However, my husband often has an hour commute for a 19-mile drive.

Most of the time there is less stress and anxiety. Since I am the one responsible for my mistakes, I don't have the politics that often came with working outside the home.

Some days I am much more productive in a lot less time. There are days where I can accomplish more in four hours than I ever did in eight- or 10-hour workdays.

I get sick less. Yes, it's true. No one comes in sick to the office because they are worried about using a sick day or falling behind when you work at home. I also save money on doctor's visits since I don't have to run to the doctor for antibiotics or prescription strength medicine to get through the week.

I save money, on business clothing, lunches, gas, parking and all the other expenses associated with working outside the home.

More time with my family and I know my dog loves the extra time to take walks and go outside, and he isn't left home alone for long days.

I am in control of my business. Of course that means both the successes and the failures.

I learn from my mistakes, but I also learn a great deal more about the business of my business. I don't depend on others to fix the copier, or anything else. This makes for a more well-rounded, self-sufficient mommy and a more confident one both on and off the job.

While there are many advantages, there are also many challenges -- be sure to consider The top ten challenges to being a work at home mom too. It's important to consider both sides of the work at home situation before you quit your job and set up shop at home. What do you love about working at home?