10 Things Mothers of Children with Allergies Wish You Knew


10 Things Mothers of Children Allergies

10 Things Mothers of Children with Allergies Wish You Knew!

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to allergies. In the last few years, the amount of children born with allergies has increased significantly. Chances are you know or will know someone with allergies. As a mother to a child with over 25 different allergies who has reactions that range from mild, to severe, to life threatening, I have heard all kinds of craziness come out of friends, family, and even strangers mouths. The ignorant and often condescending statements can be frustrating and hurtful. I know it is not always easy to understand what my daughters allergies are or do, but please, don't assume to know everything we have gone through or the struggles we face everyday to make life safe and normal. One of the most wonderful things is when someone takes the time to listen, be considerate and aware of my daughters allergies and the fight to keep her safe in everyday life.

Here are 10 Things That Mothers of Children with Allergies Wish You Knew.

1. I worry about my child's allergies and constantly have fear for my child's safety in the back of my mind.

2. I wish life were different, but I am doing my very best to make my child's life awesome and normal.

3. It may not make sense to you. But Please, don't think I am overreacting.

4. Food allergies can cause isolation for my child. Please, be considerate.

5. It is not just a mild tummy ache reaction. These reactions are violent and sometimes can be fatal.

6. Don't tell me that my child will "Grow Out Of It!" I don't know that, nor do I really have time to think that way right now.

7.  Yes. A tiny, little bit will hurt.

8. Please, make our lives easier by being aware that dropped food, wrappers, & uneaten-unattended food  is extremely dangerous.

9. This is NOT a dietary choice. It is MANDATORY.

10. It is not my fault. I am just a mom doing my best to protect my child from dangers around him. I am not trying to inconvenience you. I am doing my very best to keep my child safe.

When you take the time to be considerate of others in situations you are not familiar with or have never been in yourself, you can encourage and support other moms in ways you never imagined!

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