10 Easy Healthy Snacks for Kids!!


Who says snacks for kids can’t be fun and healthy at the same time? If you just think outside of the box and try to get a little creative, you will find that you can offer your children snacks that they will love to eat that you can still feel good about. There are many healthy snacks out there that are fun and tasty, so take a look below at some excellent examples to get you started! You and your children will never look at snack time the same again.

10 Easy Healthy Snacks for Kids

1. Silly Teeth

This treat is protein packed and sweet! Cut an apple into slices. Spread peanut butter on the top, flat part of the apple. Line mini marshmallows on the peanut butter and the finished result looks like a smile with teeth!

2. Banana boats.

This is a snack kids will love to design. Place a peeled banana in a bowl and top with healthy
toppings such as honey, peanut butter, fresh fruit, nuts, or raisins.

3. Turkey pinwheels.

This pinwheel is so savory and protein packed, plus it is nicely rolled up in one tiny bite. Simply spread some low fat cream cheese on a whole wheat tortilla. Place some fat free turkey on the tortilla, roll it up, and slice.

4. Chips and salsa.

Kids love to dip! Serve some fat free salsa along with some chopped cucumber for extra crunch. Offer a side of baked corn chips for dipping. Kids will love this tasty crunch.

5. Veggies and Hummus

As mentioned, kids love dipping their foods. Offer them some veggie slices such as pepper or carrots. A cup of hummus to accompany the veggies will be sure to be a hit. You can even make the hummus together if you wish!

6. Yogurt parfait.

This snack tastes and looks like dessert but is nutrient packed. Place some low fat yogurt in a cup and add some granola or dried cereal. Add another layer of yogurt, followed about another layer or granola or cereal. Repeat until it takes on a parfait appearance and enjoy.

7. Mini wedge salad.

Offer your child a wedge of lettuce. Include a side of fat free dressing and plenty of cheese crumbles or sunflower seeds for sprinkling.

8. Fruit skewers.

On a wood skewer place fresh fruit chunks, or allow the kiddos to create these themselves. Offer a side of low fat yogurt for dipping.

9. Cereal Trail Mix.

Make your own trail mix using a variety of healthy dried cereals and raisins. Place in small baggies and take this tasty treat wherever you go.

10. Smoothies.

Throw a little low fat yogurt, fresh fruit, and ice in the blender and blend away. Toss in a straw and you have a refreshing and healthy drink.

Snack time can not only be tasty, it can be healthy as well. Give these snacks a try whether it be after school or even mid morning. They are sure to do the trick!


Rachel Lee Coppola