We are going to be doing something really fun starting now. How would you like to Get Coupons for free from the manufacturer. Everyday, we will be picking a new company to contact. I will have the Contact info set up for you and probably a little saying. We will be asking them for either samples or High Value coupons that they can send directly to our houses. I am excited to try this out with you. “Ask and Ye shall Receive.”

The 1st company we will be contacting is…  Juicy Juice

Just leave them a message and Wait at the mailbox for your Coupons.  Most of the companies are excited to send them but others will not.

Here is a sample message that you can say….

I was referred to you by Savingandmore.com. I just love your products, and I would love to know if you can send me High Value Coupons and samples if you have them available. Thank you so much!