Earn Money by donating plasma

There are lots of ways to earn a little extra cash.  You could use SwagBucks or SuperPoints to earn gift cards. There are plenty of survey sites to earn points that you can then cash out or have payments sent to a Paypal account or even get a stay at home job as an inbound call specialist.  Each of these take a significant amount of time to earn money and if you break down the pay per hour you will feel very underpaid.

Don’t get me wrong, I use many of these sites to earn gift cards for fun.  For many people there is a great alternative for extra cash; donating plasma.
As medical research is finding more and more uses for human plasma, plasma donation centers are opening in centers all over.  So what is plasma?  According to BioLife Plasma Services, a plasma donation center, plasma is:

Plasma is the pale yellow liquid portion of your blood that can be easily replaced by the body. It consists mainly of water and proteins, which help your body control bleeding and infection.”

So what is plasma used for?  Plasma can be used for direct transfusion or processed into medicines to treat hemophilia, sever burns, bleeding during surgery, autoimmune disorders, an much more.  Many of these medicines can not be created without the proteins in human plasma.  Plasma derived products really do save lives.

Each donation usually takes from 1-2 hours.  During this time you can play on your laptop, read a book, text, or just relax.  Some plasma donation centers even have a supervised child area so that you can donate during the day without having to find a sitter.

When you donate plasma at a plasma donation center you will usually be reimbursed  between $20 to $40 per donation based upon the center where you donate.   Considering it only takes the 1-2 hours per donation nets you over $10 per hour while you relax.  Unlike whole blood donation, plasma can be donated twice within a seven day period earning you at least $160/ month.

If you are interested in finding a plasma donation center near you, check out these plasma donation services to see if there is a center near you.

BioLife Plasma Services
CSL Plasma
Talecris Plasma Resources
Octapharma Plasma
DCI Biologicals

Plasma donation can be a great way to not only earn a little extra pocket money, but to help save a life at the same time.